Our tours are much more than a trip for cyclists, much more than a biking holiday.  They are a unique and stimulating challenge for cycling tourists, prestigious and recognised by those in the know.  When you take part in one of our tours your satisfaction will be complete as you combine the best possible cycling with the best possible quality services which you will enjoy as a tourist looking to have a new and different Asturian experience.

Prada Tours brings you three challenges, in different formats.  In a six-leg format we propose the Cantabrian Challenge, while if you prefer a weekend format we offer you the Picos escapade package or the Bear Essentials escapade.


Routes in 2 lineal stages (Saturday & Sunday) along all-but deserted roads.

Entended for those cycling tourists who wish to take maximum advantage of a bikini weekend in Asturias.  Both routes suppose challenging cycling through mythical mountain passes seen in the Spanish Vuelta Ciclísta, and require you obey the highway code although we can practically guarantee you will see very little traffic.

As is the case for our longer Cantabrian Challenge, you only need to worry about enjoying your bike and the scenery, because we pay special attention to taking care of everything else.


A route in six stages along quiet mountain roads, enjoying the spectacular scenery and seven nights in charming hotels and villas.  The best way to travel for cycling enthusiasts, through amazing mountain passes which form part of the Spanish vuelta ciclísta.  Open roads which you can safely travel along respecting the Highway Code, enjoyment all the way.  The Cantabrian Challenge is a non-competitive challenge for anyone who loves cycling, pure enjoyment because you only need to worry about peddling, then relax in the hotels and destinations of each stage.

Take on the challengewith other cycling tourists for 7 days in  six stages, sharing experiences & sensations.

Custom Tours

Routes in 2 to 6 lineal stages along quiet roads, tailored to your individual or group needs and interests.  If you are a club or a group of four or more members and you would enjoy an individualised route designed especially for you, this format is your best option.

From inspiring mountain passes to fantastic routes along the beautiful Asturian coastline, always along roads ideally suited to your favourite sport.

The cycling-tourist format travels along open roads and you must obey the Highway Code at all times.

As is the case with our tours, you only need to worry about enjoying your bike & your surroundings, because everything else is taken care of.  By us.  For you.

Discover the routes, stage profiles, dates and many other things.  You can be sure that you’ll be inspired to take up the challenges we set you .

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